My fiancé & I Almost bought a Drees Home, but didn't in March 2017. Just before the footers & foundation were laid, we found out that our living room was going to be 4' shorter than we expected.

The 4' extension is optional on paper & we knew that, but when we visited the model home for the first time (by ourselves mind you), we thought all the living rooms for the Drees homes came in the size we saw; not knowing that THIS model home had the 4' foot extension already added. How were we supposed to know that? No one walks into a room & says, "hey, there's a 4' extension on this room." Based on homes we already saw, we were impressed with the size of this living room and it's the reason we chose this home & this builder. The marketing manager should have taken the time to point things like that out to us AFTER we saw the model.

After we found all of this out, We asked them not to pour the footers or foundation & to modify the construction plans to add the 4', but they refused. Said the permits & contractors schedule had already been set. I don't care! We are the customers!

Your job is to fix it so we get what WE want out of this house. They started building the house anyway. Now it was too late to add the 4' extension. Next, the bank they used lost our paperwork & tried to bully us into sending it again.

We didnt want our credit to be checked again, plus it's unprofessional for a bank to lose financial documents!! At that point, we backed out of getting the house even though it was 50% built. Information was purposely not told to us so we wouldn't notice & buy the house anyway. I felt like I was guiding us through the whole process instead of them guiding us about their product!

After we backed out, they refused to give us our $3k back. Basically, They said we breached the contract so they get to keep our money. We don't know if the home is a quality home or not, but the marketing manager sucks at her job!

We were not going to pay almost $400k for a home that would be "less" than what we expected & accept the poor customer service that we received. So if ur buying a brand new house, make sure to ask about ALL the room sizes & don't assume anything!

Product or Service Mentioned: Drees Homes Bradley House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We are going through this now! We asked for them to build the exact market home on a different lot.

She didn’t put in hardwood floors in and she carpeted the family room (market house had hardwood in FR) 2’ extension wasn’t on either. So we asked for the build sheet on the market home so we won’t have any more surprises, and she writes down just some of the choices.

So now I’m wondering why they won’t give us a build sheet! Ugh,


Drees does that a lot. The model shows almost $200,000 of add ons. Room size should not be one of the things a buyer is suppose to know!


Not going to lie here, your complaint won't hold up. It's kind of common sense about a model have all the perks and upgrades. It's not Drees fault for you not doing your homework.


Right, this complaint should be from the builder, not the buyer. Who doesn't ask questions about what in the model is upgraded and what is standard? I hope Drees was able to recoup their costs from this "customer."


Obviously the last two comments are “ Drees” employees. Definitely makes my mind up to look elsewhere!

Nobody walks into a home and says, We better not forget to write down we want the 4’ extensions !

Give me a break!

When you see a specific model of a home, that is what you’re expecting to be buying! Now, upgrades are different, but not structural!

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