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The presentation is too good and that is exactly what got me. You get less house and more worries when you deal with Drees. The reason i decided to build my house with Drees instead of other small builders was obvious, i wanted peace of mind. You will see what kind of peace of mind i received in this deal.

There has to be a reason why this company is not registered with the Better Business Bureau or why you cannot review them on their Facebook page and such.

They use the same semi-skilled workforce that anyone else will, but want to charge you custom and quality prices. You will be pushed and convinced to close with a punch list and once you do, the fun begins. You will now enter in your brand new home and the first thing on your list is to fight with them to make things right, that were wrong to begin with. Waste your time on scheduled repairs, touch ups and most importantly, you will have to remind them everyday what is pending.

What to expect when you build your home with Drees

floors may creak and squeak,

if you have two window arches, one may be curved and the other may be straight, then one may be black and the other may be white,

walls may be uneven,

glass may be chipped,

windows may be scratched,

cabinets may be uneven,

decks may come with splinters,

concrete patios may have scars and stains,

paint job may be at beginner level,

house may be unclean,

sod/grass may be dead, dry and incomplete,

electric outlets may not work

and a lot more

if you are lucky like me, you will get your house with all of the above

and while the house is being built, the biggest catch is the part of the project where they do a cost plus with you, the site prep, huge headache and a bottomless pit where they will throw your money like they want and the biggest surprises will come from there.

The pictures that i have posted here are from days after the closing of the home.

Staff is rude, greedy, unprofessional and all they care about is you signing the contract. After that they want to save and squeeze every penny from this project and you will be treated as if you do not exist.

They say you work all your life to build and pay for your home and companies like this one and their employees will rob you of the joy of owning your dream home. You will own a home they build and it is possible that at some point in time everything may be alright if you are very lucky, but the experience will be stressful and bitter. They will use assumptions, arguments and give you stress instead of accepting their mistakes and making things right like they are supposed to be.

One day after the closing of my home, i saw a couple standing by my sidewalk and wondering if they could see my house, as they wanted to build one and they were doing their research. I gave them a tour of my home, put in a good word for the builder, gave them the realtors number and the builders representatives number as well. Wish i had not done that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Drees Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Drees Homes Cons: Landscaping issues, Poor account management and customer service.

Location: 211 Grandview Dr, Fort Mitchell, KY 41017, USA

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Very similar experience


I wish I would have read your post. Unfortunately I did not until today.

Horrible builder. Liars and thieves. Was told I would get a certain amount off in design center, however once I signed they gave me 10k less. Built my home and it has been a complete disaster.

They use sub par workers, they inserted incorrect windows, all the walls and hallway doors are lopsided, leaking faucets, cracked foundation and many more. What makes it worse it they hide things that are wrong, you find it and they deny they did it. Warranty? A joke, they argue, deny and will not fix anything.

They are liars and thieves. There are many other home builders out this, save yourself the headache and find a reputable, competent builder because Drees is awful.


What area in Nashville? Looking at buying in nolensville, telfair community


Spend your money with any builder but drees and you will do yourself a favor. Custom Homes or already built.

This company is a scam. Rest is up to your fine judgement.


You list of defects is impressive but do you know if your roof was put on right? Was your finished grade done properly?

How about the brick? Was it installed properly?

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