We just moved into our home back in march 2017. We moved into Hawks landing, which is a brand new construction neighborhood.

ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE to say the least. The streets are "NEVER" cleaned. It seems like they'll only clean them when I have to complain about them being cleaned, which I SHOULDN'T have to do that. Working hours are 7am-7pm....oh, but not here.

They like to show up at the *** crack of dawn! They were showing up at 6:20am for about a week straight. I contacted the builder about it and he said he would take care of it. The next morning they were out there again at 6:20 AM cutting concrete!!

Do you know how LOUD that is?? It's LOUD!!! i walked out there and said something, and the worker had the NERVE to cuss me out and call me any name he pleased. I was FURIOUS!

went straight inside, called my husband who was also furious! He called drees corporate at exactly 8am, when they opened and gave them an ear full!! They were just back here at again at 6:40 this morning bulldozing. The last thing I wanted to do was to get on here and complain, but I'm tired of texting the builder in charge and the lady who works in the model.

People LIVE back here and NO ONE has ANY respect for the home owners! In my eyes, if they did, streets would be cleaned more often, the entrance would looke NICE with grass that isn't dead and freshly cut grass that isn't a mile high , they would make sure their workers have RESPECT for the home owners. I'm really tired of complaining all the time. I totally understand that it's a new construction neighborhood and streets are going to get dirty and houses are going to be built and noises are going to be made.

But really? Isn't it common courtesy to make sure the streets are kept up on? That the workers work during working hours?? That the entrance doesn't have dead grass that looks like it hasn't been cut in a month?

Is that really so much to ask? I understand the builder is not back here every single day to see how dirty the streets are and he can't baby sit these *** clowns who work for drees all the time. He has been helpful every time I've had a complaint. I'm more so just warning anyone thinking about building in new construction!

Don't do it!! The positives we've had is that our house so far seems to be a very well built house. We really do not have any complaints about our home or the whole building process.

Drees homes does seem to be a good builder and I would recommend having your house built by drees. I'm just annoyed with how things are going now.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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