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all floors creak like crazy, had bathroom floor tile replaced and the sub flooring nails all had missed the supports. probably happened throughout the house.

the bathroom over garage absolutely freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer, very little insulation. takes 5 minutes to get hot water to master shower. light switches for basement only on one side of the room - against code. shaker siding falling off, put on with small little 1" nails.

outdoor fake shutters by windows with big gaps now full of birds nests.

too small of gutters, had to replace. seems like every vendor they used was a ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Drees Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We had similar complaints. I don't understand how their house passed code cause everything is not up to code.

We have squaking floor throughout the house, each time they return to fix, floor returns to squeaking again. Nails are pooping out in every areas of the house. They made a bad paint job throughout the entire house. Kitchen microwave venting has problems with spreading cooking oil through the entire house ceiling.

Garage door does not fit van, we complained but they have an excuse for why they won't fix it. All the door hardwear has problems, we have been locked outside our house several time. The windows has problems, basement leaking, window leaking, window frosting, highland vibrating, the entire floor in the house is squeaking, kitchen sink stink like *** bathroom leaking causing mold in the wall, bad paint job and pain type, etc. I can keep going problems is so much to list the entire problem.

The house just turn a year and we already have the problem which Drees home is not properly fixing. The do job to last until one year and then stuff start to show up after warranty is over.

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